Press Release to complete and send to the local media



Please fill in the blanks about yourself, don’t change the structure or main content

Email it to the Mr British Isles office – email for approval, with your 2 best photos wearing the official sash in front of the Official Mr British Isles banner.

Make a list of your local newspapers. The weekly one will probably come through your door at home for free. The evening newspaper, if you have one, will be bought locally.

Google the newspapers and get the contact number for the news-desk.

Ring them up and tell them you have been selected as a finalist in the Mr Swimwear British Isles 2021 modelling competition and you want to send them the details and photos.

Ask the reporters name and email address so you can send them the information and say you will email the information very soon.

Search the names of local websites and magazines in your area and repeat the above process.

If you have any questions or need any help please call, text or WhatsApp the Mr British Isles office 07545 456689 or email